Our Story

The Family Tradition

My true love for silver crafting and designing jewelry began when I was a young girl, all the way in Tbilisi, Georgia or to be even more specific, during summer vacation at my grandfather’s home near the Black Sea. My grandfather was a silversmith and an artist at heart. Most of his work focused on creating horseshoes from silver and designing daggers out of silver and gold. I loved to sit next to him for hours and see how he worked. I loved to see the miracle: how metal material turned into an amazing object through his hands. I felt no greater joy than when he allowed me to help him and he even paid me a bit for my work. In the beginning, I thought that I loved the salary and the ice cream that I bought for myself. Later I understood that the work of silver crafting was what pulled me in. I waited impatiently for those summer vacations. I managed to learn the secrets of the profession and its unique technology. 

When I grew up and moved to Israel, I worked in the field of fashion and styling and even studied the field at “Shenker” College. Suddenly, I happened upon an opportunity to manage a chain of jewelry stores. In an instant, my old love was reignited and I was brought back to my childhood and to my grandfather’s work and home. I decided that jewelry design was my true mission. In each piece of jewelry, there is a speck of longing, warmth and love. 

Inspiration for Special Designs

I receive most of my inspiration from trips around the world, one of my biggest loves. I love to visit new places, to experience new things and situations, to learn about different cultures and people and to enjoy special moments. Every piece that I’ve designed reminds me of a place, culture, moment or situation. 

The world of female styling is another wonderful source of inspiration. Every piece of jewelry signifies the style of the woman who is wearing it, her way of expressing herself, her life, her personality and her presence. Almost every woman wears some type of jewelry and without it, she’ll feel that something is missing, that her look isn’t complete. Every woman loves when others look at her jewelry and ask her about it. When a woman wears a piece of jewelry that I’ve designed, I feel that she is a part of me.

Materials and Quality

A high-quality piece of jewelry is for a lifetime - that’s my motto with the jewelry that I create. My pieces are made out of the best materials and are handmade.

  • 925 Sterling silver coated in 14 Karat white, yellow or red gold.
  • The stones are real stones adorned with Swarovski stones and turquoise stones that are suitable for all ages and all seasons of the year.
  • The perfect silver crafting work is created through professionalism and attention to detail.

All of these things help me to create unique jewelry that is timeless in its design, materials and quality.